Make Teasle gourd in coconut broth

Make Teasle gourd in coconut broth

Make Teasle gourd in coconut broth

Today we will learn how to make Teasle ground in coconut broth. This is also a traditional Bengali recipe. Teasle gourd or karkoti or kakrol is a delicate vegetable and it tastes slightly sweet. In Bengal, we make fried kakrlol(teasle gourd) or chips of it and eat with steam rice and moong or masoor dals.

Do you know this is a pure vegetarian recipe!

In Bengal, this is made in ‘janmasthami’ puja. Because it is a pure vegetarian recipe. Also, this vegetable has a lot of medicational benefits. ‘Dudh kakrol’ is basically ‘kakrol’ or ‘karkoti’ which is cut into vertically medium thin slice pieces and mix some masalas to it, then fry it for slightly golden and simmer them in coconut broth.

Onion-garlic-ginger free recipe!

This recipe is an absolutely onion-garlic-ginger free recipe. That’s why this recipe is perfect for pure vegetarians. Thick coconut milk is best for this recipe, but it goes well with thin coconut milk.  Here the tough part is to make the coconut milk from scraped coconut, actually this part is tough for new home cooks but I tried it easy for all my food-loving followers.

The gravy of ‘dudh kakrol’ is slightly sweet and very creamy. But for the creamy gravy for those who use thin milk of coconut. It should be taken some more cooking time to reduce the broth. And finally, it becomes thick and creamy gravy. But that’s not a problem because the final product will be the same.  This is served with steam rice.

So, at first lets, we make coconut milk.

How to make coconut milk:

At first, we will learn to make coconut milk then we will learn to Make Teasle gourd in coconut broth. It is very very easy.


Coconut – 1 whole
Some hot water

Method to make coconut milk:

1. Break the coconut and collect the water in a bowl(don’t waste the water, it is the best natural medicine of acidities, so drink it).
2. Scrape the flashy part of the coconut with coconut scraper.
3. Put some of the scraped coconuts on a piece of muslin cloth or cheesecloth. Then press the coconut with the cloth and take the milk in a bowl. This method is possible if the coconut is fresh and its quality is good.

Have a different type of coconut!

But for another type of coconut, which is not good in quality, then mix some hot water into scraped coconut and put it into a grinder or mixer and spin for 1 time then put the mixture on a muslin cloth and press it nicely. Then your coconut milk becomes ready to use.
Now lets we make our recipe ‘dudh kakrol’

Ingredients for ‘Dudh Kakrol’ :

1. Teasle gourd or kakrol – 2 pieces (cut into horizontal pieces)
2. Coconut – 1.5 cup
3. Turmeric powder – a pinch of
4. Mustard oil – 1 tbsp
5. Green chilli – 3 to 4 pieces
6. Salt – as per your taste

Method of making ‘ dudh kakrol’ :

1. Clean the teasle gourd or karkoti or kakrol very well. Cut them into horizontal pieces ( not too thin).
2. Apply some salt and turmeric powder on them. And paste the green chillies and apply on teasle gourd pieces.
3. Place a pan or kadhai on the flame and pour some mustard oil. Put the marinated teasle gourd on the pan. And fry them on medium heat till they are slightly golden from both sides.
4. When the teasle gourds become golden. Then pour the prepared coconut milk on the pan. The lid on and simmer for 5 to 7 minutes or till the broth becomes thick and teasle gourd or kakrol getting cooked. Serve it with steam basmati rice.

What do you think?  Make Teasle gourd in coconut broth is easy or hard. Just comment bellow.

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